10 Reliable Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

Is there anything that really obsesses and bothers nowadays people more than aging?

The forehead and neck wrinkles, the decreasing mental and cognitive health, and especially hair loss, that’s like the bottom of the health concerns for seniors, and even youngsters.

If you really are worried about losing your hair, or if you think that you are suffering from male pattern baldness,

you should really consider making some diet changes, like before thinking about hair growth treatment or any other solution.

This article provides you with the most beneficial and effective foods that will help you with your hair loss situation, for you don’t really have to look for a hair loss treatment if you just consider these foods.

The reason why food is the ultimate solution is that losing hair is generally related to the missing important vitamins and other compounds.

Changing your diet is the ultimate key that can help you overcome or even stop the non-genetically caused hair loss.

Furthermore, following a diet that’s powered up with such foods will help you feel and look good and healthy, and that is really a win-win situation.

The foods on the list are really enjoyable and healthy, and the minerals are quite essential for human life,

we are quite sure that you’ll love everything about them, so keep reading till the end!… Open Next Page To See More.

10. Zinc :

Zinc’s proven to be a terrific compound that helps to prevent the male pattern baldness and stop the receding hairline.

Various studies have shown that people experiencing alopecia (hair loss) are suffering also from a shortage of zinc in the body.

If you love to savor oysters, you really are the luckiest person alive! There is no food that can compete with it when it comes to zinc levels.

If you’re not that cool with oysters, we’d recommend you to eat spinach, legumes like beans or even eggs and red meat… Open Next Page To See More.

9. Iron :

Iron deficiency can be related to non-genetically caused hair loss.

However, you should never rush out and just add tons of iron in your diet, without checking your iron levels, for it can cause serious problems for menopausal women and men in general.

Good sources of iron, that can help you avoid a balding crown, include spinach, Popeye’s favorite! Yes, it is rich in Zinc and Iron.

Moreover, spinach’s other great minerals and vitamins help to keep your hair follicles healthy and clean.

Lean beef is an alternative when it comes to adding up the iron to your daily diet.

8. Selenium :

Selenium is a primordial chemical element whenever it comes to the immunity system and hair loss or growth.

Statistics show that, in the US, selenium deficiencies are quite rare, yet they can occur if the subject is suffering from HIV, hypothyroidism, or even a GI (Gastrointestinal tract) syndrome such as Crohn’s.

A 1-ounce serving of Brazil nuts provide 988% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI); adding 6 nuts a week to your diet will help you with your hair loss situation.

You should really go easy on adding up the selenium, for having way too much is worse than a minor deficiency.

7. Vitamin D :

Vitamin D is one of the important vitamins for our body. Ergocalciferol (or Vitamin D) is made by the body when it is exposed to sunshine.

That’s a wonderful thing, however, many people do not spend much time exposed to the sun, and most of the rest tend to wear sunscreens.

The good news is there are foods that can provide you with vitamin D, and that is scrumptious, such as seaweed, tuna, and salmon and egg yolks.

Diaries, cereals, and oranges are rich with Vitamin D.

6. Vitamin A :

Vitamin A can help with any hair loss situation, and the good news is that most food that contains Va tends to be rich in beta-carotene.

Thus, consuming these foods will not only be beneficial for your hair condition but for your body in general.

Beta-carotene is wonderful for the immunity system, eyesight, and works like wonder when it comes to preventing cancer.

In order to increase your beta-carotene intake, focus on orange-colored food; Sweet potatoes, carrots, winter squash and, our favorite food so far, spinach.

We highly recommend eating most of these foods raw, when possible of course, for the cooking process decreases the beta-carotene’s amounts in the food.

5. Biotin :

Biotin is also known as Vitamin B8 (or Vitamin H). A deficiency in biotin can be the major cause behind hair loss, and it can bring nerve damage with it and you may perceive a decrease in your skin condition and health.

If you are willing to increase your vitamin B8 intake, foods like spinach (Yes, yes, isn’t that weird!) eggs and sweet potatoes are your options.

Yet, you really ought to see your doctor before considering adding up biotin to your diet, for it affects how some medications work, and then you can ask him to prescribe you some Biotin supplements.

4. Essential Oils :

Essential oils are always the answer for any hair condition; they are highly concentrated, distilled oils that can be used in cooking, and as skincare products.

The most common essential oil is Rosemary that is considered to be anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

Using a few drops of rosemary oil for a scalp massage after a hot shower will help you stop hair loss and even regrow some hair.

Peppermint essential oil is also an option when it comes to promoting hair growth.

3. Omega Oils :

We’re quite sure that everybody’s already heard of omega-3 and omega-6 and their benefits for our health and the human brain.

Studies have proven that fatty acids are beneficial for hair loss and may help regrow the lost hair.

In order to increase your omega-3 intake, Salmon is a great choice to add up to your diet.

If you’re not fond of fish and seafood, well you should consider nuts, seeds, pumpkin, and coconuts.

Actually, and according to a study, men who consumed a daily intake of 400mg of pumpkin seed oil continuously for 24 weeks showed a 40% increase in hair growth.

2. Raw Honey :

In addition to olive oil and cinnamon that is an old folk remedy for growing hair, honey is the next well-known option.

There is some proven evidence that raw honey helps with itchy scalp condition that is related to hair loss.

If you want all of its benefits, you should rub it into your scalp, and use it for massages.

If you want a natural remedy, you ought to warm ½ C of olive oil and add 2 tablespoons of raw honey and of cinnamon.

Beat the recipe by adding an egg and use this mix for your wet hair. Keep it there for at least 10 minutes, and then wash your hair using shampoo.

Try to keep the temperature of the oil moderate, or else it will fry the egg!

1. Greek Yogurt :

Our final option for you is Greek yogurt. Besides the fact that it is an excellent source of calcium, which improves bone health, it is beneficial for any hair loss condition.

Greek yogurt is full of both vitamin B5 and vitamin D previously mentioned. Both of these are linked to empowering hair follicles.

You ought to look for low-fat ones just to avoid the high intake of calories.


The 10 foods mentioned will certainly help you stop your hair loss condition, and they can even help you regrow some hair;

Various studies have shown that there is evidence that they will, and especially spinach, if you’re having male pattern baldness, say hi to your new best friend.

However, you should really see a doctor if you have a serious hair condition or if you are willing to add up a serious amount of one of the foods we’ve discussed. Anyways,

consuming these foods regularly will not only be beneficial for your scalp or hair loss, but you will feel and be healthier and your hair will be stronger.

What are you waiting for then? Whip up a spinach salad, toss on a cooked egg and maybe some Greek yogurt and savor your tasty meal. You pretty much can’t go wrong!