11 Things We Casually Do Without Even Thinking About Its Side Effects

Life is full of choices and decisions we have to make in our day to day life.

We have to decide on morning breakfast to the time we close our eyes for sleep and doze off. We have to make dozens of decisions in a day.

But have we ever thought about the side effects of the decision we are making?

You probably might think that it’s my life and I have full control over it until and unless it doesn’t harm anyone.

It might be normal to wear, what you have opted for a day and what you want to take for breakfast.

It usually doesn’t count in the bigger picture. But it counts sometimes, the choices and decisions seem to be harmless but actually, those things are adding an adverse effect to our health.

While we pretend that everything is all good!

Here is the list of 11 habits, which should be avoided on an immediate basis… Open Next Page To See More.

1. Crossed legs while sitting

Sitting on the sofa with the posture of legs crossed, look cool! But it has a multitude of hidden problems.

It can lead to posture and spinal issues and at worse, it can lead to more serious problems like varicose veins, nerve damage, pelvic imbalance, and high blood pressure… Open Next Page To See More.

2. Feeding the birds

Although, you would be happy to see your children feeding birds, which gives them a sense of willingness to help and be kind.

It might look odd to say that feeding the birds may lead your children to the possibility of contracting various infections and diseases.

The chance for birds to carry contagious diseases is 50%.

The diseases of, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, listeriosis, Ornithosis, colibacillosis, histoplasmosis, rabbit fever, Newcastle disease, and toxoplasmosis are just a few often found in pigeons!

3. Cheap sunglasses

Fond of wearing glasses? Not cheap! If you want to be a cool person taking a selfie right on the beach,

Don’t wear cheap glasses because your selfie might be right on point but the protection of your eyes by cheap sunglasses is of no use.

Of course, cheap glasses are made of sub-standard plastic and materials. It would be better to wear anything than cheap glasses.

The sub-standard material of the cheap glasses can make your pupil enlarge, which means that it’s catching double the amount of UV rays.

This can lead to retinal burn, cataracts, or even cancer.

4. Consuming more water than needed

It is important to keep yourself hydrated. I know it might look weird, that we are saying the opposite of the fact ‘plenty of water is vital for your good health’.

But don’t overdo it just because of the fact. It might be possible that you are sporting all day, and feels a need for drinking water frequently, then it’s fine. Just don’t drink unnecessarily.

5. The treatment of hot water

The hot water bag might be a needy item in our household and may be handy in many scenarios.

But we should be aware of the fact, it shouldn’t be excessively used and should be used when needed.

The usage of hot water bags in bleeding, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, after a sprain or injury or abdomen pain caused due to appendicitis, can cause more complications than a healing treatment.

6. Eating microwave popcorns

Don’t you ever think that microwave is the real culprit! Because it’s not.

The real culprit is the chemicals like diacetyl, a flavoring oil, and vaporizes in the pre-packaging of the popcorns that can damage your lungs when heated.

The good news is that you can avoid the risk of its side effects, by letting your popcorn completely cool down for some time.

7. Eating on your work desk

Eating on your working desk doesn’t seem to be a good idea, because it’s the place where bacteria and germs accumulate.

Another consequence is that you may face digestion problems because of thinking about something else other than the food on the office desk.

It becomes difficult for the stomach to digest the food, while the brain is not focusing on the eating process.

It would be great for your brain, legs and a whole body to get up and walk away for a lunch break.

8. Open foot-wears

Wearing open and more comfortable footwear may be the best option to feel casual. But open feet can lead to the invitation to germs and infections.

The dirt contains different types of bacteria that can stick to your feet and might travel with you at home.

The feet can also cut or prick from any harmful things and the small wounds can make it vulnerable to infections.

9. Milk free from fat

If you are drinking a milk-free of fat stop there! Because fat-free milk is of no use for your health.

When the fat is extracted from the milk, all the vitamins are also extracted.

Manufacturers also add the milk powder into the fat-free milk to give more zero fat milk to the body.

This oxidizes the cholesterol in the milk and cholesterol is extremely dangerous for cardiovascular health.

10. Poor Postures

We used to be freestyle at home and sits in the most random position on the couch, which may lead to some serious spinal health problems.

Therefore, it’s necessary to sit properly with the straight back and make proper adjustments, wherever you are trying to sit.

11. Incorrect sleeping positions

The majority of issues of muscle, spinal, and even organ problems occurs due to poor sleeping positions.

We spend a good amount of time sleeping and you can imagine how much poor sleeping posture can damage your vital organs.

Sleeping on your side curled up or the fetal position can sometimes restrict the diaphragm causing issues like lung problems and back pain.

Sleeping in the worst position of putting pressure on the stomach and other vital organs of the body can lead to heart, lung, and even long-term nerve damage.

The best position to sleep is on your back So, that you don’t have a breathing problem.