9 Things You Didn’t Know Coca-Cola Could Do

Coca Cola is known as one of the most popular beverages in the world. Wherever you go, there’s a high possibility of seeing its familiar red logo on buildings and newspapers, and also, you’ll meet many people who have an everlasting dedication and love to this renowned fizzy drink.

Do you ever think Coca-Cola was just for refreshment after your meal? Then you need to have a second thought because there are countless ways to use the product around your house or garden

Coca-Cola can be lifesavers in annoying situations but you never realized this because you’ve never thought of using it to correct this kind of situation. And as a result of this, we’ve made it our responsibility to educate you on the exciting and uncommon uses of this liquid gold!

Below are 9 surprising other ways that you can use your favorite soft drink:

1. Keep Flowers Fresh for Longer

When someone gifted you a bouquet of flowers, your priority is to prevent the flowers from dying untimely.  Receiving a fake bouquet of flowers is saddening but here is the good news: you can now use Coca-Cola to make your attractive flowers last little longer.

All you have to do is add a little bit of the drink with water and you’re good to go. So, you can now enjoy the freshness and beauty of natural flowers for a longer time whenever you have fresh flowers in your home.  Add ¼ cup of Coke with a cup of water to get your desired result.

2. Stops Itching Caused by Mosquito Bites

If you reside in an area that is densely populated with mosquitoes then you must know how irritating it is. The itching is more likely to drive you crazy leading you to scratch the mosquito’s bites until your skin bleeds. If you are In this situation then here’s a better solution to your problem.  Gone are the days of bruising your skin because of these tiny creatures because what you need to do is rub the area with little Coco-Cola and you’ll be amazed at soon the itching will go away.

3. DIY Antique Paper

If you’re big on DIY, then here’s a good technique that you can use to transform a simple white paper to look like it came from a long time back. To do this, put a little amount of Coca-Cola in a spray bottle and lay your paper out.  Continue to spray the  Coca-Cola on the paper until it gives you a more natural look. When you’re satisfied with the result, sun-dry the paper or place it anywhere it can dry without any hindrance. When it’s totally dried, you will now have an antique sheet of paper to do whatever you like. You can write a letter to a loved one’s in cursive to make it look like one of those ancient ones,  you can also use it to wrap gifts, make rustic notebooks, and many more.

4. Relief from Jellyfish Stings

Imagine spending your day at the beach with your loved ones, catching fun with activities like lying in the sand sunbathing, and bathing in the cool ocean waters. But in spite of this fun, you got stung by a jellyfish but what do you do? Instead of using the fictional way of getting your friends to urinate on it, you can save yourself from the embarrassment by instructing one of them to get a coke bottle and pour it over the area of the sting. This would work as a result of the chemicals in the coke that can neutralize the pain of the jellyfish sting. You can now visit a doctor because this solution lasts a short period of time.

5. Cleaning Your Spectacles

For every one that wears spectacles, it’s a glaring fact that the smudges and dirt on your glasses are sometimes disturbing. In addition to this, it’s sometimes difficult to clean your glasses as a result of more smudges but here’s a relief, this is a one-stop solution that can be used to get rid of the stains that disturbs your sight. To solve this, grab a soft piece of cloth or tissue and dab a bit of Coca-Cola on it. By doing this: you’ve given your glasses a good wipe and you will get a clearer vision.

6. Make Better Fertiliser

Do you spend a lot of time in the garden getting your body stained because of making fertilizer, even when you have a coke can in your kitchen that has gone flat and lost its fizz, and then we’ve got you covered.  You can now use coca-cola to kick start the process of compiling your compost bin. In order to do this, pour little coke into your compost bin to facilitate the natural process.  By adding the coca-cola, more micro-organisms will be attracted to the compost bin because of sugar in the Coca Cola.  The presence of acid in this beverage will also break down organic materials that will later become compost.

7. Get Rid of Blood Stains

Bloodstains are generally difficult to clean and you women are in the best position to understand this, as a result, countless underwear she’s lost to her monthly period. Furthermore, you can’t dispose off your shirt because of bleeding or little cut. But by using coke products, you can save your good piece of clothing. To simply get rid of the stubborn blood stains, pour a bit of Coca-Cola with your regular detergent and soak them for some time. After that, wash the cloth and gently scrub the stained area. The discoloration will be gone and your clothes are now saved.

8. Make Old Jewellery Look Brand New

Everyone has favorite pieces of gold for a long period of time because they’re special to us.  We keep them because they’re precious to us or belonging to someone that’s no longer around or a childhood memory. But as time goes, they look older and start looking cheap which will force us to stop wearing them. But coke can be used to solve this. Kindly soak the jewelry in a bit of Coca Cola overnight and wash it gently with warm soapy water in the morning. After doing this, you’ll have shiny jewelry that looks new then you can continue to wear them and proudly share the story behind this with everyone.

9. Remove Grease Stains and Gasoline Smell

If you’re dealing in gasoline or having regular contact with it, then you’re prone to getting grease stains on your clothes talkless of the terrible smell. But there’s no point in buying expensive cleansers just to get rid of the smell or the grease. All you need to do is use some Coca-Cola along with your regular detergent while washing your clothes, pay attention to those pesky stains and you’ll have garments that smell nice and are free of stains in a short period of time.