How To Be a Banker

In order to maximize your income potential and minimize your risk, it’s essential that you adopt the banker’s mindset earn high rates of interest on your money with sufficiently secured collateral placed in your name to mitigate the risk when becoming a banker.

The difference between success and failure is the mindset it first becomes vital to adopt the mentality of carefully and strategically managing your money you understand that for every dollar you possess you have optioned the opportunity to earn a high rate of interest a lower rate of interest or you can keep it under the mattress and earn nothing and conversely when you spend your money on things that you want.

But don’t necessarily need you to give up the opportunity to earn significant amounts of interest on your money for years to come this is called an opportunity cost the opportunity to earn interest on your money but you chose to spend it instead for the pleasure of instant gratification for every dollar you hold it is imperative to maintain the attitude of the business owner seeing your money as employees working hard.

So you don’t have to think with the mindset of a banker and recognize that every dollar can be working for you earning interest every moment of every day while you rest after all bankers are masters in creating cash flow and shifting the risk to the borrower they have demonstrated that the model works and is the most profitable business model to date from this day forward.

You have the freedom to choose what’s in your best interest in terms of making money and building your wealth you can continue with the challenges of working for it hiring others to work for you or you can minimize your risks and maximize you’re earning potential by becoming a banker and put your mind at ease.