Length Of Your Finger Reveals A Few Surprises About Your Personality

The world is filled today with people of different colors, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. This is why you’ll notice that you’ll never meet any two people with the same personality types.

If at any point, you need to make a quick assessment of someone’s characteristics, then the best place to look at is their fingers. Yes, this sounds somehow weird, but it works all the time.

Basically, a person’s finger length can reveal a lot about their personality traits; that is, who they truly are! You might be surprised to learn how accurate the personality test can be.

Ready to go on with this, right? Read this list, then compare each point with your finger to see how accurate this personality test can be.

10. Charming

Those whose ring finger is longer than their index finger are easily classified under the charming but pragmatic ones. A careful survey would reveal to you that the people with taller ring fingers than their index finger are often lovely. The charismatic nature that they often exhibit causes the people they meet daily to be drawn to them from the start.

Over time, scientific discoveries have also pointed to the fact that such people with longer ring fingers are often naturally set up to earn more than those with shorter ring fingers. Reports claim that such people mostly base their livelihoods in the areas of science and engineering. They’d probably figure the solution to an obstacle before others do. 

9. The Confident One

On the other hand, the tallness of the index finger over the ring finger often indicates confidence. People with such finger features are often the confident ones and tend to be self-assured and strong-willed

Research reveals that they have the leadership instinct in them because of their quickness on their toes and their eagerness to guide the way. They often exhibit personality traits like self-confidence and resourcefulness. No wonder people naturally look to them when they need the right answers to situations.

When it comes to relationships, this class of people often do not take the first step, but they are approachable and willing to accept the attention shown to them.

Such people work based on instincts and are never afraid of taking risks. Their hardworking nature shoes in the way they pursue their goals to the finish of it. 

8. The Peace Milk

Can we ever talk about personality attributes without talking about peace milk? If your ring and index finger are equal in height, then you’ll most probably fall into this category of people. The people that fall under this category often exhibit the characteristic of chaos avoidance. They are a calm and well-organized set who tend to show an immeasurable level of composure in nearly everything they do. They would always try to get along with everybody.

This category of people is also extremely reliable; hence it’s easy for family and friends to trust them due to their soothing nature. They make conscious efforts to avoid confrontations and any situation that would ultimately lead to conflict. 

7. The Silent Achiever

Here, the attention turns from the index finger to the pinky finger. If your pinky finger is shorter than the first joint of your ring finger, then you easily fall into the category of silent achievers. You’ll notice that the people under this category are generally shy. Therefore they do not come so close to people that they do not know. However, when they eventually get close to someone, they become free and completely honest with them.

These people always dream big, but because of their shyness often find it difficult stepping out to make their voice heard. However, they’ll still put their mind to it in the background and would make it happen, even if it means using an unconventional method. 

6. The Balanced One

Yet another unique and desirable personality trait. The people that fall under this personality based on our assessment are people whose little finger equals the first joint in their ring finger. The balance in their finger is a clear representation of the balance in their personality.

This category of people typically shows mild and mellow personality traits. Because of their calm nature, people often turn to them during crisis periods. Their peaceful nature may make them come off to strangers as cold and dispassionate, but close acquaintances know them as very warm and kind people.

5. The Passionate One

If your pinky finger is so long that it slightly exceeds the line of the first joint in your ring finger, then you most likely fall into this category. People in this category would realize that every aspect of their life, whether personal or career-wise, is driven by an intense passion.

It is the intensity of this passion that also draws people to them. People would always admire the drive that the passionate ones exhibit both to work and the people around them. Their love for being the center of attention often pushes them to convince people about their goals and passion. 

4. The Leader

This category of people is quite rare, but they exist. It includes people with pinky fingers as tall as the ring finger. If you find yourself in this category, then you are born to be a leader. The people in this category are known to thrive in the face of change and pressure, unlike other personalities that might experience a break down during such periods. In addition to creating a way out of such situations, the leaders also draw motivation to conquer other life challenges from the case.

Let’s also point out that these people are incredibly ambitious. Their open-mindedness to listening to people’s opinions is one of the factors that push them towards growth and success. 

3. The Obsessive One

Let’s now move on to using the thumb to define the personality of a person. In this case, the top two joints are what tells about a person’s personality. If the top half of your thumb is longer than the other half, then you are in this category of people.

This category of people often tends to demonstrate a steel-like focus on the things they consider to be a significant part of their life. It is this characteristic that helps them to succeed at work because being engrossed at work often turns them into workaholics.

When this set of people focus their attention on loving someone, they tend to shower attention and affection to them without letting anything distract them. While some people would find the intense focus from this category of people a little overpowering, others feel special because of it. When people find themselves in this category, they need to worry about the tendency of neglecting other things in their life because of their sole focus on one thing.

2. The Objective One

Those whose thumb joints divide their thumb into two halves are mainly the objective ones. This category of people exhibits similar characteristics to the balanced ones explained above. They can maintain a calm spirit even in the face of storms. They exhibit excellent problem-solving skills; their objectivity means that they do not let emotions cloud their judgments.

However, they find dating and relationships hard to maintain because of their proneness to approaching everything objectively. This nature makes them seem uninterested most times, but in reality, they are only trying to remain calm. It takes breaking their wall to find that they have a hidden sweetness inside them.

1. The Logical One

The people under this category often have the second half of their thumb taller than the top half. These people are experts in bottling up their emotions. They generally do not trust people and tend to be wary of the people that they come in contact with. Most times, their decisions are grounded on logic, as they always describe themselves as realists.

On the other hand, they tend to gain the trust of others easily. Their acquaintances would often feel relaxed sharing important information with them because of their unlikelihood to tell others.

There you have it, a number of personality traits that you can know by looking at your fingers. The next time you meet someone new and want to learn about their personality, just take a look at their fingers and everything you need to know will be revealed to you. 

So, which one of them fits you? Hopefully, you learned a bit more about your personality or even maybe someone else’s!